4-5 September, 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ernest Wohnig

Senior Global Cyber Security Advisor (Deputy CISO)

Ernest Wohnig is an internationally recognized cybersecurity leader having written, presented, and advised senior corporate leadership on security issues with special emphasis in commercial energy and the federal government for over 20 years. Ernest currently serves as the Senior Global Cybersecurity Advisor/ Cybersecurity Program Director for AES Corporation where he advised the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Directors on cybersecurity risk and liability across the global business. He is also responsible for leading the coordination of cybersecurity activities across AES’ global operations. Prior to AES, Ernest spent 14 years leading development and delivery of cyber security consulting services for both large and boutique global consulting firms. He oversaw programs and service solutions for C-suite clients in federal, public utility, and oil & gas entities. In the 90s, Ernest served as an Air Force Intelligence officer and an Information Warfare Analyst for the Department of Defenses' Defense Intelligence Agency.